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Project Title: Collaborative Research. IPY: The Polaris Project: Rising Stars in the Arctic (Award# 0732944)

PI: Holmes, Robert Max (
Phone: (508) 444.1548 
Institute/Department: Woods Hole Research Center,  
IPY Project? YES
Funding Agency: US\Federal\NSF\EHR\DUE
Program Manager: Dr. Eileen Lewis (
Discipline(s): | Education and Outreach |

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Science Summary:
The Polaris Project engages students and early career scientists in a multifaceted effort that includes: a field course and research experience for undergraduate students in the Siberian Arctic; several new arctic-focused undergraduate courses taught by project Co-PIs at their respective colleges across the United States and in Russia; the opportunity for Co-PIs to initiate research programs in the Siberian Arctic; and a wide range of outreach activities. The unifying scientific theme for the project is the transport and transformations of carbon and nutrients as they move with water from terrestrial uplands to the Arctic Ocean. Given the rapid changes underway in the Arctic, the broader impact of this project is found in the availability of project related materials; its training of future leaders in arctic research and education as well as its education of the public through student and faculty visits to K-12 classrooms; student generated and maintained blogs on their research and experiences; and inclusion in the GoNorth curriculum ( which is used in thousands of K-12 schools worldwide.

Logistics Summary:
This collaboration is comprised of the following: 0732944 (Holmes, Woods Hole Research Center, LEAD), 0732477 (Bunn, WWU), 0732533 (Walter, UAF), 0732618 (Schade, St. Olaf College), 0732586 (Frey, Clark University), 0732469 (Sobczak, College of Holy Cross), and 0732609 (Chandra, UNR). These grants include support for new undergraduate courses at the collaborating institutions and other US-based education and outreach activities, but this database focuses on the arctic field work. Using relationships established in part during the lead PI’s Student Partners project (grant 0519840), the research team will engage American and Russian undergraduates and early-career scientists in hydrology experiments during a summer field course at the Northeast Science Station in Cherskii, Russia. For each of three years beginning in 2008, the American component will travel together to Moscow. They will spend 1-2 days in Moscow and then fly on to Yakutsk, where they will visit Yakutsk State University and the Permafrost Institute to meet with Russian team members and Russian officials. From Yakutsk, they will fly to Cherskii for the summer course. The preliminary field course in 2008 will involve ~15 people. The team will assemble in Moscow in early July, then travel onward to Cherskii via Yakutsk. They will work at Cherskii for about 2 weeks before returning to Moscow for homeward travel late in July. Courses in the summers of 2009 and 2010 will involve ~14 students and 6-7 faculty for 4-5 weeks in Cherskii. The team will live and work at the science facility. On completion of the course, participants will hand-carry some of their samples to the United States. In 2010, in addition to this general schedule, several team members will extend their stays to increase the research season. One project member will arrive in April, and several will remain for another ~2 weeks beyond the early August departure of most of the team. Collaborations with other outreach efforts will magnify the impacts of the Polaris Project through Student Partners (0519840), PolarTREC (0632401), and Go North! Adventure Learning. All logistics details will be carried in this grant.

For each year of the grant, CPS will provide en route travel arrangements within in Russia; camp fees at Cherskii; some equipment/supply shipping, boat rentals, and . pending NSF approval on a case-by-case basis, CPS may also pay subcontracts for upgrades to be made to the facility. The PIs will arrange and pay for all other support, including airfare US>Russia, and passport fees, via grant funds.
SeasonField SiteDate InDate Out#People
2008Russia - Cherskii07 / 10 / 2008 07 / 24 / 200815
2008Russia - Yakutsk07 / 07 / 2008 07 / 28 / 200815
2009Russia - Cherskii07 / 07 / 2009 07 / 28 / 200920
2010Russia - Cherskii04 / 25 / 2010 08 / 17 / 201022

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