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Project Title: Sharing Our Knowledge: A Conference of Tlingit Tribes and Clans (Award# 1233310)

PI: Henrikson, Steve E (
Phone: (907) 586.4708 
Institute/Department: Tlingit Readers, Inc.,  
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Funding Agency: US\Federal\NSF\GEO\OPP\ARC\ASSP
Program Manager: Dr. Anna Kerttula (
Discipline(s): | Education and Outreach | Social and Human Sciences |

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Science Summary:
This this award supports the travel of primarily students, Alaska Native Elders and presenters to the Sharing Our Knowledge conference, which will take place March 29-April 1, 2012 in Sitka, Alaska. The Sharing Our Knowledge conference is a large gathering of Native and Non-Native Cultural experts and scholars, scientists, clan leaders, writers, poets and artists, embracing both Western and Native American traditions of research, education, knowledge and preservation. The organizers anticipate over 400 participants and 100 presenters including presentations on biology, traditional ecological knowledge, archaeology, linguistics, museum studies, Cultural anthropology, education, ethnohistory, humanities, and indigenous law. The conference is an opportunity for academics scholars, traditional knowledge experts, and students to share idea, findings, and methodologies with colleagues, students, members of the Native community, and the public. The invitation list is a who's who in science and traditional knowledge in the Tlingit region; however, most of the funding is to support student, Elder, and Clan Leader participation in the conference.

Logistics Summary:
This grant will bring together Native and non-Native cultural experts, scientists, and scholars, to support a multidisciplinary and cross-cultural conference on Tlingit culture and history (and those of their neighbors). The gathering will take place in Southeast Alaska, homeland of the Tlingit and people, in Sitka, on March 29 through April 1, 2012. This grant will provide travel support for presenters and participants, especially for those key presenters coming from distant locations, and for elders and cultural experts who do not have institutional backing. No fieldwork is proposed.

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