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Project Title: Adventure Learning @ Greenland (Award# 1240700)

PI: Miller, Brant G (
Phone: (208) 885.4077 
Institute/Department: U of Idaho, Department of Curriculum and Instruction 
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Funding Agency: US\Federal\NSF\GEO\OPP\ARC\ARE
Program Manager: Mr. Peter West (
Discipline(s): | Education and Outreach |

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Science Summary:
For this EAGER grant, the PI will engage in a formal distance-learning activity as a supplementary educational activity to the Integrated Characterization of Energy, Clouds, Atmospheric state, and Precipitation at Summit project (ICECAPS, NSF grant 0856773). The PI will train students at the University of Idaho (home institution of ICECAPS PI, Von Walden) to use off-the-shelf and relatively inexpensive hand-held devices to conduct experiments analogous to those researchers conduct in Greenland, as part of ICECAPS, with far more sophisticated equipment. This project is funded as a pilot, both to see whether the technological capacity exists to carry out the kinds of instruction the PI envisions and to see whether the project can dovetail with and enhance Science in Education Week, an activity involving U.S. students that is part of the Denmark, Greenland, U.S.-supported Joint Science Education Project (JSEP).

Logistics Summary:
The PI leads a pilot education effort, a supplemental component to the ICECAPS atmospheric science project. During a visit to Greenland in July 2012, his team will establish the project. Two people will travel to Greenland via the ANG logistics hub in mid-July. One will base in Kangerlussuaq during the flight period, and the other will spend several days at Summit Station familiarizing with the ICECAPS project. The team will collect information to produce a model of education and outreach for remote STEM research that can be used to meaningfully engage K-12 and public communities; vet learning tools; explore future education and outreach potentialities; and take measurements and interact with student groups online. The team also will work alongside U.S. students participating in the Joint Science Education Project week (labeled “JSEP” in this database) as permissible within the existing curriculum, and in coordination with the teacher leading the experience. The pair will complete this effort and depart Greenland via the ANG at the end of the flight period.

CPS will provide ANG support for passengers and some cargo, KISS user days, Summit user days, and space in the Mobile Science Facility during the Summit stay. The PI will arrange other logistics and pay those costs through the grant.
SeasonField SiteDate InDate Out#People
2012Greenland - Kangerlussuaq07 / 11 / 2012 07 / 22 / 20122
2012Greenland - Summit07 / 12 / 2012 07 / 16 / 20121

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