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Project Title: Collaborative Research: Management and Implementation of the U.S. Arctic GEOTRACES Study (Award# 1356008)

PI: Kadko, David C (
Phone: (305) 348.5016 
Institute/Department: Florida International University, Department of Biological Sciences 
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Funding Agency: US\Federal\NSF\GEO\OCE\CO
Program Manager: Mr. Donald Rice (
Discipline(s): | Oceanography |

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Science Summary:
In pursuit of its goal "to identify processes and quantify fluxes that control the distributions of key trace elements and isotopes in the ocean, and to establish the sensitivity of these distributions to changing environmental conditions", in 2015 the International GEOTRACES Program will embark on several years of research in the Arctic Ocean. In a region where climate warming and general environmental change are occurring at amazing speed, research such as this is important for understanding the current state of Arctic Ocean geochemistry and for developing predictive capability as the regional ecosystem continues to warm and influence global oceanic and climatic conditions. The three investigators funded on this award, will manage a large team of U.S.scientists who will compete through the regular NSF proposal process to contribute their own unique expertise in marine trace metal, isotopic, and carbon cycle geochemistry to the U.S. effort. The three managers will be responsible for arranging and overseeing at-sea technical services such as hydrographic measurements, nutrient analyses, and around-the-clock management of on-deck sampling activites upon which all participants depend, and for organizing all pre- and post-cruise technical support and scientific meetings. The management team will also lead educational outreach activities for the general public in Nome and Barrow, Alaska, to explain the significance of the study to these communities and to learn from residents' insights on observed changes in the marine system. The project itself will provide for the support and training of a number of pre-doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers. Inasmuch as the Arctic Ocean is an epicenter of global climate change, findings of this study are expected to advance present capability to forecast changes in regional and globlal ecosystem and climate system functioning. As the United States' contribution to the International GEOTRACES Arctic Ocean initiative, this project will be part of an ongoing multi-national effort to further scientific knowledge about trace elements and isotopes in the world ocean. This U.S. expedition will focus on the western Arctic Ocean in the boreal summer of 2015. The scientific team will consist of the management team funded through this award plus a team of scientists from U.S. academic institutions who will have successfully competed for and received NSF funds for specific science projects in time to participate in the final stages of cruise planning. The cruise track segments will include the Bering Strait, Chukchi shelf, and the deep Canada Basin. Several stations will be designated as so-called super stations for intense study of atmospheric aerosols, sea ice, and sediment chemistry as well as water-column processes. In total, the set of coordinated international expeditions will involve the deployment of ice-capable research ships from 6 nations (US, Canada, Germany, Sweden, UK, and Russia) across different parts of the Arctic Ocean, and application of state-of-the-art methods to unravel the complex dynamics of trace metals and isotopes that are important as oceanographic and biogeochemical tracers in the sea.

Logistics Summary:
This collaboration between Kadko (1455924, U of Miami) , Cutter (1355913, Old Dominion) and Landing (1355833, FSU) will carry out the U.S. transect as part of the international GEOTRACES program. This project is in collaboration with pan-Arctic efforts from a large international community. These expeditions will involve the deployment of ice-capable research ships from 6 nations (U.S., Canada, Germany, Sweden, U.K., and Russia) across different parts of the Arctic Ocean in 2015. During the summer of 2015, a field team of five will use the USCG Healy for a cruise in support of the GEOTRACES program. The cruise will begin in Dutch Harbor, Alaska and researchers will leave the ship in Barrow, Alaska. This is the original grant awarded to Kadko while at U of Miami, changed to 1455924 when PI transferred to Florida International University.

CPS will provide sampling assistance and necessary cruise supplies for the sea ice work via a subcontract with the University of Washington (UW APL). CPS will also provide lodging and truck support during an outreach trip by the PI to Barrow prior to the cruise, and support in Barrow for the port-of-call including: transportation needs, radios, housing, and cargo handling. All other logistics will be arranged and paid for by the PI from the research grant.

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