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Project Title: Workshop Proposal: The Summit Station Science Summit (Award# 1738123)

PI: Koenig, Lora Suzanne (
Phone: (303) 735.5408 
Institute/Department: U of Colorado, Boulder, Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences 
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Funding Agency: US\Federal\NSF\GEO\OPP\ARC\AON
Program Manager: Dr. William Ambrose (
Discipline(s): | Education and Outreach |

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Science Summary:
The Office of Polar Programs has been funding substantial scientific activities at Summit Station, Greenland (72°N 38°W, 3250 meters above sea level), for over twenty years. Summit is the only high-elevation, free-tropospheric, inland environmental observatory in the Arctic which is currently manned throughout the year. Understanding the current and developing Arctic science questions and how research conducted at Summit Station can address those questions plays an important role in determining science program priorities and operational plans for Summit Station. Goals for this 1.5-day workshop include; A) elucidating the current state of Summit Station measurements, B) illustrating the current uses of the data, C) defining the utility of the year-round data that is collected in the context of Arctic science, and D) determining the variability of wintertime parameters and the accuracy to which they must be monitored for scientific analysis. The workshop will be held at NSF and bring together various stakeholders and potential scientific users of data collected at Summit Station, as well as broader Arctic Scientists, to consider Summit Station’s future role in Arctic research. The intellectual merit of this grant will be realized in defining the important science questions that can be addressed by research at Summit Station and defining the measurements and accuracies needed for year-round measurements to answer those questions. Broader impacts will be realized through the workshop report on the current state and applications of Summit Station data that will include community-based recommendations on future science goals and measurements for Summit Station.

Logistics Summary:
This grant supports a 1 1/2 day workshop in 2017 that will bring together 20-30 participants, that will include investigators using data produced at Summit Station, as well as scientific experts on topics relevant to Summit Station (atmospheric scientists, astronomers, glaciologists, climate scientist, etc.). NSF, NOAA and NASA program officers will also be invited to attend. The two primary goals of this workshop are to collect community feedback on the utility of the existing Summit Station data, particularly winter-time and long-term continuous data and assess community science needs in order to determine a suitable path forward for Summit Station observations of the interior Greenland Ice Sheet. No fieldwork is associated with this project.

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