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Project Title: Early Career Participant Support for a Chapman Conference in Selfoss, Iceland on Arctic Magmatism and Tectonics (Award# 1923912)

PI: Coakley, Bernard J. (
Phone: (907) 474.5385 
Institute/Department: U of Alaska, Fairbanks, Department of Geology and Geophysics 
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Funding Agency: US\Federal\NSF\GEO\OPP\ARC\ANS
Program Manager: Dr. Cynthia Suchman (
Discipline(s): | Education and Outreach |

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Science Summary:
This travel award will provide support for six early career scientists from the U.S. to attend an international Chapman conference on Arctic magmatism. The purpose of the conference is to synthesize understanding of geology and geophysics of the Arctic Ocean and the surrounding continents and to identify areas ripe for future research. To inform the broader scientific community, the organizers will publish a white paper summarizing these points and also will hold a post-conference session at the American Geophysical Union's Fall 2020 meeting. This project ensures early career scientists from the U.S. will be able to participate in an upcoming AGU Chapman Conference in Selfoss, Iceland, Large-scale Volcanism in the Arctic: The Role of the Mantle and Tectonics. It will focus on five themes: 1) Pre-breakup rifting; 2) seafloor spreading; 3) mantle-derived heterogeneity (including plumes and large-igneous provinces); 4) subduction related volcanism; and 5) High Arctic Large Igneous Province and environmental effects extending from the Paleozoic to the present day.

Logistics Summary:
This project will support 6 US Early Career Scientists to attend the AGU Chapman Conference which will focus on Arctic magmatism across five themes; Theme I: pre-breakup rifting; Theme II: seafloor spreading; Theme III: mantle-derived heterogeneity (including plumes and large-igneous provinces); Theme IV subduction related volcanism and Theme V: HALIP and environmental effects. Within this context, particular effort will be focused on refining concept of the High Arctic Large Igneous Province, but sessions will include topics that extend from the Paleozoic to present-day. The meeting will be held in Selfoss, Iceland from 14-18 October 2019 and over five days of lectures and discussions, the conference will bring together members of the Arctic community (including but not limited to petrologists, geochronologists, paleomagnetists, marine geophysicists, and structural geologists) as well as specialists from external communities with an understanding of magmatism across all scales. Travel support only, no fieldwork is conducted.

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