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Project Title: Greenland AWS technology (Award# NNX14AH55A)

PI: Zender, Charles S (
Phone: (949) 824.2987 
Institute/Department: U of California, Irvine, Earth System Science 
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Funding Agency: US\Federal\NASA
Program Manager: Dr. Thomas Wagner (
Discipline(s): | Meteorology and Climate |

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Science Summary:
Swath-like data (SLD) are defined by non-rectangular and/or time-varying spatial grids in which one or more coordinates are multi-dimensional. It is often challenging and time-consuming to work with SLD, including all NASA Level~2 satellite-retrieved data, non-rectangular subsets of Level~3 data, and model data on non-rectangular grids. Researchers and data centers would benefit from user-friendly, fast, and powerful methods to specify, extract, serve, manipulate, and thus analyze, SLD. This project addresses these needs by extending the functionality, user-base, and integration into NASA data services of the netCDF Operators (NCO), an open-source scientific data analysis software package which our current ACCESS project has augmented with HDF capabilities applicable to most archived and virtually all new NASA-distributed data.

Logistics Summary:
With NASA support, the PI is developing software to assist scientists in processing swath-like data (SLD), which is derived from non-rectangular and/or time-varying spatial grids in which one or more coordinates are multi-dimensional. Automatic weather station (AWS) measurements, which produce SLD, are the only long-term ground observations of climate in Greenland, and thus the data quality is not only critical to the direct diagnostics but also to the validation of satellite observations and model simulations. In developing the SLD software, the researchers have identified some parameters that need adjustment. Information gained from measurements taken at two AWS in 2016 will help validate their adjustments. In late July, a UCI graduate student will travel to Thule Air Base via AMC flight to join 2 colleagues from the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) for field work. GEUS maintains 22 PROMISE AWS in Greenland, 2 of which are near Thule Air Base, and these stations are the subject of the UCI researcher’s field efforts, as measurements taken before and after GEUS’s AWS maintenance activities will help advance the development of SLD processing software. The researcher will base at North Star Inn for about a week and take day trips with the GEUS team to AWS sites for measurements. When the work is completed, the PI will depart Greenland via AMC flight.

CPS will provide Thule base clearance, AMC ticketing for one person and lodging at North Star Inn. All other logistics will be covered by the PI from the grant or from their collaborators at GEUS. NSF will recoup these funds via an interagency transfer with NASA.
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2016Greenland - Thule07 / 19 / 2016 07 / 27 / 20161

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